Processing Styles

You have two options for how your photos are taken and processed: Clean Edit or Exposure Fusion.  Pricing is the same for both, and you can view examples below.  

The Clean Edit  is a color-corrected, sharpened photo.  We use high powered speedlights while taking these photos.

Exposure Fusion is similar to HDR photography.  Three different exposures are taken (without a speedlight) of the same scene and blended together to get one photo.  The resulting photo is very crisp and multidimensional.  

Be sure to let me know when you book a photo shoot which style you prefer, as it affects how we take the photos and what equipment we bring.  

On the left is a standard clean edit, taken with high powered speedlights and edited minimally in Photoshop.  On the right is a fusion of 3 different exposures, combined into one photo.  The result is more subtle than standard HDR photos so that the result doesn't look too "edited."  The multiple exposures also bring out more detail in the photo.

Once again, the clean edit is a standard edited photo, and on the right is the exposure fusion.  You can see the combined exposures give a multidimensional, warm appearance.  Both styles have their advantages.  It just depends on what you'd like to convey in your listing.

Editing Out Distractions

I can also remove distracting elements from photos.  Of course, you want the photos to accurately depict the home, but sometimes it's a good idea to remove/repair things in photos if the owner plans on fixing it anyway.  For example, we took photos at a home where a rock from the lawn mower had just shattered a window.  I fixed the window in Photoshop, since the owner was going to be fixing it immediately anyway.  I can also clean up the home exterior if pressure washing is scheduled before the first showing, repair broken fences, etc.  Naturally, we only want to edit things that the owner plans on immediately addressing before any showings.